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Last Fair Deal Gone Down - Chapter Links and Introduction

Title: Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Author names: elanurel & wenchpixie
Artist credit: slytherinblack - comm layout and all banners and paper.
legoline - has drawn our wee Sammi
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG13
Word Count: just over 28,000words
Warnings/Spoilers: if applicable No spoilers, warnings only for a little strong language - but then Dean Winchester's in the story so it's a given...
Disclaimers: It's long proven that they own us, not the other way round
Summary: It's 2048 and the Winchester boys are entertaining their grandchildren in the family home over the summer vacation. They've pretty much retired from hunting now, given they're getting a little older and the Demon's long dead, and their kids have grownup unaware of the family business - as far as they're concerned that's Dean's garage...

Sam's earned his keep by writing best selling "thriller novels" based on their hunting experiences, which most of the grandkids have read. So when someone starts mutilating cattle in the local area Dean's younges tgrandchild, 13 year old Sammi, starts to investigate both the mutilations and her own family history. When she confirms that Winchesters hunt things and save people she decides that it's time forr the new generation to get in on the act...

A classic Winchester adventure ensues for our boys, but this time the victim isn't a stranger - it's their family.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
(note all the chapters are not the same length, but are based on where the story wanted to break)

Download the full story in pdf form (if megaupload doesn't work for you, give me a shout)

The story is titled for a Robert Johnson track (if you want to listen to Crossroad Blues as well, it's here).

wenchpixie's Dedications and Thanks
Here it is, finally, Codename:Old!Chesters :). There are so many people we need to thank here, but first and foremost I'd like to thank my co-writer elanurel . It's not been the easiest journey - my first venture into long fic and our first into co-writing - but we've made it to the end and I think the resulting fic is something we can be proud of (I hope you guys agree!). We weathered the storms, hu babe? Including the distractions of illness and (the rather more pleasant one) of Asylum. Here's to more Jensen and less being sick, damnit!

embroiderama - We owe you sweetheart. You did a brilliant beta job in your usual supportive fashion (even when I crapped out on yours...) and your enthusiasm for our project has been awesome. You rock babe, thank you.

slytherinblack - Thank you so much for making our lovely comm layout and header, and the pretty graphics. You got fantastic pics for Mel and Sammi on really very little guidance from us, thank you for picking this last kid for the gym team.

legoline - You've really captured our Sammi, thank you so much for drawing her for us.

M'flist - thank you for putting up with me! You guys have been so lovely in response to all my whiney "OMG my fic is broken" posts - and those who I sought out for advice, thank you, you made things better.

Dedicated to Eric, for creating this wonderful sandbox we all to play in, and to my fandom for being such lovely playmates.

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elanurel's Thanks
This would not have been possible without my co-writer, wenchpixie. She helped turn a very silly idea about Supernatural Season 50 into a pretty cool story about family
and what it means to be a Winchester - braving my penchant for flowery prose, my love of dashes and general wordiness. Not to mention picking up the slack when I was sick, which happened more frequently than I care to recall. I think I speak for both of us when I say we could definitely use more distractions like Asylum.

embroiderama - You were the wind beneath our wings on this one, going above and beyond the call of duty starting with our concordance document. You've been giving feedback before we even finished the first rough draft.

slytherinblack - You rock. And you rocked with very little direction from me. Your graphics are lovely and spot-on with how we envisioned the characters.

legoline - You captured the essence of Sammi, down to the the freckles and her love of boy bands. She's perfect.

masahide - This poor man spent several months dealing with all manner of problems, including how to refurbish classic cars and exactly what the boys would do in certain situations. Most importantly, he kept me supplied with chocolate ice cream.

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