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Last Fair Deal Gone Down

The Winchesters Last Stand

Bringing the Old Boys Back Home
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Last Fair Deal Gone Down

The Story

It's 2048 and the Winchester boys are entertaining their grandchildren in the family home (in Pleasant Grove, Kansas) over the summer vacation. They've pretty much retired from hunting now, given they're getting a little older, The Demon's long dead and their kids have grown up unaware of the family business - as far as they're concerned that's Dean's garage...

Sam's earned his keep by writing best selling "thriller novels" based on their hunting experiences, which most of the grandkids have read. So when someone starts mutilating cattle in the local area Dean's youngest grandchild, 13 year old Sammi, starts to investigate both the mutilations and her own family history. When she confirms that Winchesters hunt things and save people she decides that it's time for the new generation to get in on the act...

A classic Winchester adventure ensues, but this time the victim isn't a stranger - it's their family.

Written for the spn_j2_bigbang 2007 challenge by wenchpixie and elanurel, artwork by slytherinblack.

Original Story Posting Date: 12th June 2007